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Blue Class



This week’s pack of activities includes 11 learning sessions which should be spread out throughout the week, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 per day. If you have the time and the opportunity to do a bit of reading with your child some of the days, that would be great! Some of these activities will require your support so please aid them with their writing if they need it as they can communicate their answers to you.


Maths – 2 sessions

English – 2 sessions

Independence – 1 session

Computing – 1 session

Science – 1 session

Art – 1 session

Food Tech – 1 session

PSHE – 1 session

PE – 1 session


As your child completes the activities, feel free to use the email address below with any comments as to how he/she has been getting on with the work, as well as pictures of any tasks your child may have achieved (but please do not send pictures of your child, only the work!!!):


This way we can have two-way communication and your child may feel more of a sense of purpose knowing that myself or the relevant teachers will look at the work they have done and comment on it over the phone the following week.



MATHS SESSIONS 1 and 2 – Mathletics and rounding

This week in addition to doing work on Mathletics you will also learn and practise your number rounding skills.


English Session 1 - Reading Eggsspress – Comprehension lesson (paper copies required)

For this week log on to Reading Eggs and then select the Reading Eggspress section (it’s the one in the middle). As soon as you log on, from the 29th of June onwards, you will see the lesson that I chose for you to work on. There is a 2-page document you will receive in the post or print out at home to go with this lesson.


English Session 2 - Reading Eggs – Story Factory (no paper copies required)

This week I am challenging your child to actually create a story book, with a beginning, a middle and an end. You will need to log on to Reading Eggs and once you’re in navigate to the Story Factory section, and enter the door on the right-hand side. Your child will then be prompted to choose a cover for the book as well as pictures for each of the pages. He/She will also have a word bank to help with spellings. Once the story is complete it will appear on the bookshelf of the ‘my home’ area.



Independence - Intro to personal organisation / form filling (no paper copies required)

This week’s Independence session takes us back to last year (those of you who were in Orange Class!), as we recap on filling out forms, which is far more complicated than one might expect. We will start off by practising writing our full name, address and date of birth, both with initial capitals and in block capitals. See the guidelines for specific information!


Art - Mini Book (no paper copies required)

This week you will create a mini book. You will need paper, scissors etc. Follow the instructions on the PDF. Take some inspiration by visiting the website of the British Library and then create your own mini book.


Food Tech - EatWell Jigsaw (paper copies required)

Cut out the pieces of the Eatwell Guide to make your own Jigsaw. Challenge a member of your family to put it back together again. Talk to them about two things that you would find in each section of the plate.


PE – See the PE folder for this week’s P.E activity and link with all instructions written in the document.


Science- Animals and their Habitats

This week you will be looking at different animals and how they can be grouped. Please read through the information booklet to help you think of a way you can group the animals. Then use the sheet to fill in your category. You don’t need to use all the animal pictures, only a few to fit into the circle used for grouping.


Computing – faster typing

This week you will learn some strategies to improve your typing speed.