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Class Homework

Please find your child’s class tab on the right-hand side. On that page you will find the home learning tasks your child is expected to complete throughout the week. Your child should not spend longer than two hours each day doing school work, as two hours each day should be enough time to finalise all tasks by the end of the week. If possible download and save all the documents and links your child will need on Monday or early in the week, as they will be replaced with new ones towards the end of the week.

The activities consist of a mix of worksheets, projects and web-based work, and they include the subjects your child normally has at school. The tasks match your child’s level, so apart from some encouragement they should not need too much support, unless otherwise stated.

You can return any work, or pictures of it (not with your child in the picture) to the class email address for some feedback to be provided over the phone the following week.

The activities will be changed weekly, and each week your starting point should be the class teacher’s cover document, which includes comments on all of the tasks set for each subject for that week.