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Oaktree School


Statement of Intent

The Oaktree School curriculum offers our students a variety of shared learning experiences that are meaningful and relevant to each of them. We both respect and cherish our students’ individuality.

Our curriculum therefore allows for the personalisation and differentiation required to unlock their potential, all the while striving to foster their sense of self and assisting them to build and maintain meaningful connections with others. It is our intention, underpinning all that we do, to prepare our young people for adulthood and help our students to flourish into young people who have a definite role to play within their community and in society at large. We encourage our students to be brave in embracing challenges and we instil in them the idea of treating everyone fairly and equally. We also teach our students to consistently aim high in their endeavours, and as importantly, to respect and care for one another. We refer to these as our core ‘BEAR’ values, which are shared by all in the Oaktree community, and which are personified by our school’s mascot, Oakie the Bear.

Their Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) and Preparation for Adulthood outcomes play a vital role in structuring our curriculum, as they underpin the personalised approach we are proud to offer our students. The continuous development of life skills, as well as employability skills, is a key focus for our students as they make their journey with us on a pathway that is tailored to their aspirations. The range of subjects offered, alongside the targeted work of our therapy teams, ensures that our students develop the knowledge, skills and accredited courses needed for life after school and into their adult lives, all the while appreciating the joy of the awe and the wonderment around them.

Whilst partaking in this shared vision, each subject has its idiosyncrasies which make specific contributions to our students’ creativity and skills. The ethos of Oaktree School is driven by a fundamental desire to validate every aspect of the educational careers of all our students under the guidance of a completely supportive and continuously developing, totally committed staff. We acknowledge the bravery of our students as they embrace the differentiated challenges that are presented as a part of our truly broad and balanced curriculum. 

We measure the impact of our curriculum against the intent outlined above.