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We follow the National Curriculum for English (speaking and listening, reading and writing) which is broken down into our curriculum assessment ladder. Within the curriculum assessment ladder, learning is shown as small progressive steps that inform the objectives for our teaching and allow us to assess progress and judge attainment.

We use Read Write Inc Phonics (RWI), (Read Write Inc. is for children from Reception (P1) to Year 4 (P5), and children with SEND in older year groups) to support  learning to read amongst all age groups. RWI is a form of synthetic phonics. This is most widely used approach associated with the teaching of reading in which phonemes (sounds) associated with particular graphemes (letters) are pronounced in isolation and blended together (synthesised). For example, children are taught to take a single-syllable word such as cat apart into its three letters, pronounce a phoneme for each letter in turn /k, æ, t/, and blend the phonemes together to form a word.

The English curriculum is delivered as half termly units as shown in the Long Term Plan.