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Food Technology

 Food Technology:

We follow the National Curriculum for Food Technology which is broken down into our curriculum assessment ladder. Within the curriculum assessment ladder, learning is shown as small progressive steps that inform the objectives for our teaching and allow us to assess progress and judge attainment. Our lowest levels are P4 rising to P8 and above this G1 up to G4.

The Food Technology curriculum is delivered as half termly units as shown in the Long Term Plan.

Food Tech Recipes

(Waterloo & City, Elizabeth, Bakerloo, Hammersmith & City and DLR classes)

Each half term these classes will be following the same recipe to cook the same meal for their lunch on the days that they are timetabled Food Tech. In Week 1 I will demonstrate how to follow the recipe and complete the instructions to create lunch for the class. In the ensuing weeks the preparation and cooking processes will be progressively handed over to students and, with the assistance of the class LSAs, they will be required to participate and organise themselves so that each preparation task is rotated – this allows for all students to learn new skills or develop skills already achieved. Over the course of each half term students will learn appropriate slicing, dicing, grating, measuring, blending, etc. and cooking skills, along with living the mantra ‘Clean As You Go.’ The learning intentions are clear and each week every student will be presented with a different task to allow them to fully develop their kitchen and cooking skills as we Prepare Students for Adulthood and Independence, with an especial eye on the time they say ‘farewell’ to the Oaktree portion of their formal education process. 


NB: Any alcohol referenced in the recipes is replaced with vegetable stock


The recipes for the year are:

Autumn Term 1: - Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie with Sweet Potato Mash


Autumn Term 2: - Simple Squash Risotto


Spring Term 1: - Vegetarian Lasagne


Spring Term 2: - Vegetarian Bolognese


Summer Term 1: - Vegetarian Thai Green Curry


Summer Term 2: - Roasted Tomato, Basil & Parmesan Quiche