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2nd September 2020

Dear Parents and students

I am delighted and honoured to be appointed as the new headteacher for Oaktree School, and I'm very keen to get to know parents, as well as pupils and staff.

From my experience of being a headteacher at the Village School, a through age special school in Brent for the past 3 years, I know that a successful and happy school depends on all of us working together. Oaktree School has a history of being a very good and a very well run school, although the last 5 months have been a challenge for the whole school communit,yas it has been for every school within the United Kingdom.

I am, however, looking forward to finding out more about the school so that the changes we make in this new chapter are supported by the whole school community.

Parents are crucial in making an important contribution to children's achievements at school, and I want to develop the relationship between the school and parents for everyone's benefit.

We will also have a wonderful new addition to the school premises with a newly built prefabricated modular classroom which will now be ready for the beginning of student return to school.

For the first half terrn, as part of the school's recovery curriculum, we will support pupil's wellbeing and social interaction with other pupils and staff. We wlll also identify any gaps in learning that may have occurred in the students learning (particularly in the core subjects of literacy and numeracy) and put in place planning for each student to begin to recover any lost skills and knowledge.

This week we have been readying the school for students return on Monday and training staff to use Google classroom/Google Meet to ensure that we can support students at home. We will be sending home instructions as to how to use Google classroom. For those parents who would like more support with Google Classroom please do not hesitate to contact the school.

I fully understand the challenge presented to parents, in the current Covid-19 crisis, with the return of their children to school. I am more than happy for parents to contact me if they have any concerns about their child coming back to school.

In order to keep the school as hygienic as possible we now have hand sanitizers in every class and in the corridor.sStudents will be encouraged to regularly wash their hands throughthe school day. The school toilets will be cleaned during the day as well as after school. Staff will remain at school for their lunch break. School student lunches will be taken to class in disposable heat resistant bags. Student's crockery will be placed in a bag within the classroom and returned to the kitchen to be placed in the dishwasher.

For the first 4 weeks whilst students acclimatize to school again and get to grips with the new hygiene requirements (an issue for all of us) they will be primarily in class with their teacher. Specialist teachers will go to each class to teach English and Numeracy. The school will be divided into 2 'bubble'swith students and staff entering the school following a 'one way' path through the school and keeping to this pathway throughout the school day. Each bubble will have access to their own toilets. These bubbles will continue throughout the first term and in all likelihood into the new year.

Students will have their temperature taken by a member of their class team using a non-contact infrared thermometer before entering the school. If the students' temperature is over 38 degrees centigrade they will go with the member of staff to the new modular build and be tested again (about 20 minutes later). If your child does continue to have a high temperature or exhibit any other symptoms of being unwell (such as a severe and persistent cough) we would request that parents/carers come to school as quickly as possible to pick up your child. Your child should remain off school until the symptoms that they went home with have subsided.

I wish the circumstances under which this new academic year has begun were different but I am sure that you will agree the most important thing is that the school environment is as safe as we can make it.

I also realise that some parents may not feel confident at coming into school to see me but please do feel free to email me or phone me.

Warmest regards

Russell Davey