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Human Rights Day

On the 10th December Student Voice invited a guest speaker called Dan Jones from Amnesty International to come to Oaktree School and teach us about our human rights. Amnesty International is the world's leading human rights organisation, campaigning against injustice and inequality everywhere. Dan Jones has been campaigning for human rights for over 50 years! He showed us a PowerPoint presentation about our human rights and we discussed each one. Artists from all over the world have drawn pictures to help us understand our rights.

Dan taught us about injustices that happen all over the world. We learnt about children being forced to mine for gold in DR Congo, we learnt that some children cannot go to school because they don’t have any money. We learnt that some people are punished because of their thoughts and beliefs.  Dan told us about a man named Shawkan who is a photographer. He was arrested for taking photos of a protest in Egypt. He was supposed to be released from jail but the Egyptian government were not treating him fairly. We wrote letters to the president of Egypt in the hope that he would release Shawkan and let him go home. We also wrote cards to Shawkan to give our support and we hope that our artwork made him feel a bit better.