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Independence Homework Week 7

Independence Lessons for Orange Class for w.c.13.7.20

For this lesson, we will be thinking about one particular area to help develop your child’s self-care skills: ‘Independent Living’.  All children are different and develop at different stages and will acquire self-care skills at their own pace.  This lesson will focus on learning how to make up a bed independently. The first task involves sorting the sequencing cards into the correct order.  There is a PDF file of the sequencing cards mentioned in the lesson, to print off to help with this activity.  If you do not have access to a printer, you can make your own cards using any paper that you have to hand; or you can use real life objects to help discuss what order the steps are for completing this task.  The second task involves using the completed activity sheet from task 1 as a guide to make up your bed.  Adult supervision is required for this task. 

There is also the Independent Living checklist that you can continue with your child.  Tick of each new skill as they complete them.

Take photos on your smart phone of the results of some of the activities that you have enjoyed and email them to me at: or

(But remember: no faces in pictures please!)

Have fun while you are at home & we will see you all soon. J