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Internet Safety

Dear Parents and Carers,

Online safety is an important part of keeping students safe at Oaktree School. Using the Internet safely and positively is a key message that we promote and all our students are taught how to stay safe and behave appropriately online, but this approach is only successful if we work together and reinforce safe behaviour at home too.

There are also top tips, a quiz and films which you can use at home with your child, it is important that you keep up to date and talk openly about social media and online resources that your child may have access to.


Advice for parents and carers from Childnet
Tips, advice and guides for parents and carers from the UK Safer Internet Centre
Guides on popular apps and games from NetAware

Reviews and information about games, apps, TV shows and websites from Common Sense Media

Help on using parental controls and privacy settings from Internet Matters

Information and reporting of online grooming or abuse from CEOP

Social media guides guides

Make informed Choices

In order to protect children online, it is vital that we fully understand the capabilities and make informed decisions about new games, apps and devices, before providing them to children

Do your research before purchasing a new device or game for your child; find out what other parents think, search for parental advice online and ask the shop about pre- installed apps or tools

Setting boundaries

Try and set boundaries if needed for safer Internet use, this will provide your child with a clear understanding of the limits, expectations and consequences of their behaviour

Discuss and agree how the Internet and technology will be used in your home; consider nominating ‘tech- free’ areas or times, such as: your child’s bedroom or dinner time.

Always check the age rating and descriptions on games or apps before buying/ downloading and carefully consider whether the content is appropriate for them

Check if the game or app allows the child to access the Internet, which allows them to connect to others online

Familiarise yourself with the privacy, safety and security tools on new devices; ensure you are in a position to teach your child how to make their accounts private and how to block and report other people online

Please make sure you are aware of who your child has on their mobile phone and have open conversations about who they contact and the content of the conversations

Use the parent guides and shopper’s checklist from UK Safer Internet Centre to help you ask the right questions and make informed choices when buying or downloading new technology