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Maths Homework Week 7

Hello Aqua Class,

We are now approaching the end of the summer term. This week I thought you could use some of the maths skills you have been working on to solve a Maths Mystery!

Happy Investigating!


Lesson 1 & 2: The Mystery of Peter Rabbit and the Beetroot Burglar.

Use your maths skills to solve the following mystery…

Peter Rabbit has been hard at work collecting vegetables from Mr McGregor’s garden for the rest of his family. He has been collecting piles of different vegetables next to the garden wall, ready to move back to the burrow later. He has collected lettuces, green beans, carrots, beetroot, cabbages and tomatoes. As Peter hops back towards his vegetable pile, with a couple of cabbages, he notices that the pile is not as big as it was. Someone has stolen the beautiful beetroots! Can you help Peter to find the missing vegetables and catch the beetroot burglar red-handed?

In your homework pack you will find four clues to help you solves the mystery. You will need to interpret a bar chart, check addition and subtraction calculations, add to 50 and count up in steps of 2, 5 or 4. The answers to each of the four clues, will help you work out the identity of the Beetroot Burglar. You can check the answers sheets on the website below.