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Non-Subject Specific (NSS) Curriculum

The Non-Subject Specific (NSS) Curriculum supports students learning for all Journey 1 students (and a small number of Journey 2 students). Below is the curriculum outline for the NSS curriculum (including our internal scale small steps linked to the Engagement scale) as well as the NSS Pathways counterpart for Journey 1 students which are the Voyages. All Journey 1 students, irrespective of age, are assessed through progress against their EHCP termly outcome targets (in line with the DFE Engagement model).

Central, Circle and Victoria classes follow the NSS curriculum and Northern class also share in some of the curriculum activities such as the Voyages class periods every Monday and Wednesday afternoon. For more information please download the Skills for life PDF document and the Voyages PDF document. 

                                                                      "We dream in colours borrowed from the sea"