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Orange Class

Home Learning Activities

Week beginning 01.06.20

This week’s pack of activities includes 11 learning sessions which should be spread out throughout the week, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 per day. If you have the time and the opportunity to do a bit of reading with your child some of the days, that would be great!

Maths – 2 sessions (set by Joanna)

English – 2 sessions (set by Joanna)

Independence – 1 session (set by Joanna)

PSHE – 1 session (set by Joanna)

Computing – 1 session (Vasiliki)

Science – 1 session (set by Latifa)

Art – 1 session (set by Vasiliki)

Food Tech – 1 session (set by Charlotte)

PE – 1 session (set by Simon)

As your child completes the activities, feel free to email their progress or completed work to me. Please use the class email address: and include any comments as to how they  have been getting on with the work, as well as pictures of any tasks your child may have achieved.

(***But please do not send pictures of your child, only the work!!!***)

Using the class email as a method of communication enables us to have two-way communication to enable your child to achieve more of a sense of purpose knowing that all of your child’s respective teachers will look at the work they have done and I will share feedback over the phone the following week.

Maths Session 1 – Money

This lesson consists of three online games that explore different areas of Money. There is also a ‘Screen free’ option to identify coins.


Maths Session 2 – Money

Your child will have a number of Mathletics activities to solve. They are individual to your child only. Encourage your child to do some Mathletics work for about one hour. They shouldn’t need much support for this. There is also a ‘Screen free’ option to complete to a coin rubbing sheet & a ‘paper free / practical activity that involves a role play shop using real coins & objects.


English Session 1 Traditional Tales – Jack & the Beanstalk

There are two options to choose from for this session.  Choose the appropriate link that will lead you to an LGFL interactive story & linked online games or a BBC version of the story (also available on YouTube), or a shorter animated version on the Topmarks website. There are some questions and drawing tasks to accompany the story.   There is also a ‘screen free’ option focusing on the ‘ck’ phoneme spelling words.


English Session 2 – English Session 2 - - Reading Eggs

This website is a paid-for subscription that the school have purchased for students to use. If they have not yet completed the first task, once your child logs in, they will be prompted to do an entry assessment activity / a ‘placement test’. It is very important that you do NOT offer any help in any way!!! This should take your child about half an hour to complete. There is also an optional ‘Summer Time word Challenge’ activity for this lesson that does not require screen time.


Independence – Independent Living Topic

This week your child will be encouraged to develop their self-help skills focusing primarily on ‘Independent Living’ where your child will be instructed on how to complete an activity linked to learning how to develop their laundry skills. There is also a checklist of the skills that your child will be working towards in this topic; please see the instructions in the post for this lesson for further information.


PSHE – Staying Healthy – Emotional Wellbeing

Our Topic for this term is Staying Healthy and the session for this week your child will be completing the next step in creating their very own ‘Memory Box’ of their time in Lockdown.  There is also an option to download & create a ‘digital’ memory box using one of the Apps listed in the lesson.


Computing – Technology around the house

This week you will search around the house and I want you to spot technology objects such as: camera, television, microwave etc.   Spot the objects that you can see in the work sheet and tick the ones you have at home.


Science – Plants

This week you will be looking at the different parts of plants. Please go through the information sheets and if you are able to explore some real life plants. Then you have to learn the different parts of a plant by using the communication board (if needed) and fill in the missing parts of your flower.


Art – Make your own ‘Mini-book’

This week’s Art project consists of creating your very own ‘mini-book’ like the ones in the British Library.  The pdf document includes all instructions and lets you know what materials are needed for it. You can send a picture of their completed work to Vasiliki via:


Food Tech – Food & Hygiene: Spot the hazards

This week I would like you to think about hygiene and safety in the Kitchen.  Complete the ‘spot the hazards’ worksheet.


PE - Oh Joe

So for PE Simon will continue to have your child perform a routine using a YouTube video by Joe Wicks. Be prepared for some new moves to add to your child’s growing repertoire! Enjoy, keep fit & join in!