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Outreach Support

Oaktree Special School Outreach offer:

Oaktree Outreach Service aims to provide Enfield Schools with expert support and advice. As a specialist setting for young people with a range of complex needs, our outreach team have a broad range of skills and experience, which enables us to provide bespoke support programs for primary and secondary schools. Through these programs we focus on enabling staff to support young people with complex needs confidently with the appropriate skills, knowledge and understanding.

  • PRICE training /physical intervention for secondary schools
  • Curriculum Guidance and support for ARPs and Units (ARPs/Units allocated by LA)
  • Assessment, screening and intervention (not diagnosis) of Specific Learning Difficulties
  • Practice Support and modelling of inclusive classrooms and curriculum approaches
  • Dyslexia training and advice support
  • SEND careers advice support

To contact Oaktree school for support please email the address below.

Email: or