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Spring Term

Our Spring Term Student Voice members have been busy helping make Oaktree School an even better place. Here are some of the many things we have done this term.

To help us know which lunchtime club is open in the studio we made a poster for Wii Games and Dance club.

We organised the Wii Games club and came up with a good idea to keep the controllers and consoles safe and tidy. We colour coordinated them to make sure they are looked after and are put back in the right place. We also chose three students to be Wii Monitors to help keep the Wii Games club running smoothly and to organise the games and controllers at the end of the club.

We invited the OFSTED inspector into one of our meetings and she asked us lots of questions about what we talk about in Student Voice meetings and what we like about our school. We were all very honest and helpful and she wrote about us in her report.

Miss Helen set us a challenge to help name the new interventions room. We made a list of brilliant ideas and we will reveal the new name shortly.

We took part in the Sport Relief relay race. We had to run around the cones and pass the baton to our classmates. Everyone at school took part and we had so much fun.

We also held a logo design competition. We each designed a logo for Student Voice. Two members won the competition so Mazz and Sejal will work with the winning artists to merge the designs together and we will show you the results soon.

During every Student Voice meeting we talk about any health and safety issues we have seen around our school. We make a list and send it to Mr Y and Mr Beckford and ask for things around the school to be fixed or changed. We especially want to say thank you to Mr Beckford for fixing the water fountain.

Lots of friends of Oaktree School have been taking part in fundraising events and have raised money for our school including the staff quiz which raised £270. We made a wish list of games and toys that we would like to buy with the money and we are very grateful for raising the money for the students.  

We have been working very hard this term and have enjoyed being an Oaktree School student voice member.

Student Voice